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5 Things Women’s Running Loved This Week

Check out what our staff was loving this week!


Living Intentions Spicy Mango Activated Sprouted Trail Mix, $9

This organic trail mix tastes amazing. Seriously, the habanero mango adds the perfect sweet and spicy complement to the crunchy almonds, cashews, seeds and berries. There’s a little Himalayan salt, but no added sugars in this real-food blend. Sprouted nuts and seeds are a new trend in healthy snacks, because they are nutritionally dense and more easily digestible. You’ll need six friends to share the bag though, if you want to stick to the quarter-cup serving. —Nicki Miller, managing editor


Cover Runner Contest, Free

Lindsey Hein and I danced the night away at a Brooks party in Austin last year; it was only the second time I had ever spent time with her in person after interviewing her for our Cover Runner Contest in 2014. That’s the beauty of the contest—it allows every runner to share her story, and it allows the editors to meet the inspirational people that motivate us to keep sharing the stories of our readers. Lindsey and I have become good friends, and she’s even turned the tables and interviewed me on her brand-new podcast, I’ll Have Another! And it all started with one application she sent in to be on our 2014 cover. —Caitlyn Pilkington, web editor



ProCompression Trainer Low, $25 for 2 pairs

It’s still a bit warm for knee-high compression socks during runs but these low socks are great. I never get blisters when I wear them. And they are great quality—I’ve put them through tons of miles and washes! —Monica Olivas, WR blogger and blogger at Run, Eat, Repeat 



Espro Travel Press, $38

Coffee lovers rejoice! Now you can make and take your favorite coffee on the go! Whether you’re a press gal, pourover style or tea lover, you can enjoy your coffee your way with the Travel Press. Simply select which way you’ll take your brew in this to-go cup, make it and head out. It’s great for travel! —Fara Rosenzweig, contributing writer



Justin’s Maple Almond Butter Squeeze Pack, $14 for pack of 10

Lately when I’m craving something sweet I’ve been reaching for these, it has a hint of sweet and keeps me satisfied until meal time. It’s also a great pre-run fuel that works well with my tummy. —Sarah Canney, WR blogger and blogger at Run Far Girl