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5 Things Women’s Running Loved This Week: Sept. 22

Snacks, snacks, snacks.

LeftLane Sports, 15 Percent Off Coupon Code

“Our friends at LeftLane Sports want to help our readers save a little moola on their favorite gear. So this week we are obsessed with this discount offering, good through September 28, on anything on their website. Use the coupon code Competitor15 at checkout and receive 15 percent off. Cheers!” —Team WR

RAu Chocolate Coconut, $39 for 8 Pack

“Did someone say chocolate? Did someone say coconut? According to RAu‘s very cool website, this is the first cold-pressed chocolate drink on the market. It’s got all the good stuff and none of the bad (hence the slightly steep price tag). I think I finished a bottle in less than 5 minutes…and am about to start a new one.” —Caitlyn Pilkington, web editor

Runbell Gold, $25

“This tool reminds me of the bell I had on my first two-wheeler as a kid, but it’s actually pretty effective for runners. My favorite time to use RunBell is when I’m anticipating a crowded run around the local reservoir or along a boardwalk. It warns pedestrians that someone is coming through–and pedestrians’ instinct that bells go with bikes, not runners (meaning they need to react faster) often works in my favor!” —Meghan Roos, associate web editor

Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix, $20 for 1-Pound Bag

“Upon first taste of one of the newest Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix flavors, made with strawberries, I did a double-take: Am I drinking a sports drink or strawberry water? This is the cleanest-tasting sports drink I’ve ever had, yet it doesn’t skimp on nutrients—it’s packed with sodium, carbs and some potassium—and has a super simple ingredient list that includes cane sugar and strawberries. It’s my new go-to sports drink.” —Bethany Mavis, managing editor

Cure Original Black Seed Bar, $22 For Box Of 12

“We love the ingredients list for this bar–they’re all pronounceable and healthy! Cure Bars taste healthy too, with discernible almond flavors and a pleasant hint of sea salt. As a bonus, Cure aspires to help feed the hungry and is starting by giving one Cure Bar to a person in need for every bar that’s sold.” —Team WR