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5 Things Women’s Running Loves For Thanksgiving

Check out our five product picks for your 2017 turkey trot.

Beistle Drumstick Boppers, $6

This headband is ridiculous–and that’s exactly why we love it. Who wouldn’t want to wear plush turkey drumsticks on their head? It might not make the best running gear (though we have seen it done), but when you’re goofing around with friends or taking that coveted holiday family photo, this hat is sure to bring a smile (and an amused shake of the head from friends and family members).

Sock Guy Gobblers Socks, $11

Again with the adorableness–with holiday-themed sock popularity on the rise, you’ll need a pair like these gobblers for this year’s turkey trot. Sock Guy also has this pie-themed pair, if your running outfit is feeling a little overstuffed on turkey.

Bela Apparel Best Leg Day Ever T-Shirt, $20

This t-shirt will provide that little nudge you need when you start feeling tired during your turkey trot. Stretch your legs during the run and enjoy a delicious turkey leg at night! Best leg day ever? You bet.

Bend “Running Turkeys” Leggings, $75

These moisture-wicking leggings literally have turkeys running all over them. Pro note: if you choose to wear these, you might want to purchase one size larger than what you usually wear, as the leggings run small.

Gone For A Run Pilgrim Turkeys Headband, $12

If the drumstick headband above isn’t your style, this one by Gone for a Run is a little more subtle–but still plenty festive. The no-slip lining will keep the tendrils out of your face as you trot for turkey–and since it’s adjustable, the same band fits adults and kids alike.