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3 Cool Products At The Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards

LynQ, Hydra-Light and iKamper are just three of the 32 brands that will be on display at the inaugural Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards.

It’s hard to beat spending time participating in outdoor activities. But with so many gear options available these days, it can be difficult to figure out which are best for your activity of choice. To ameliorate this predicament, Outdoor Retailer, a company that hosts outdoor retail product shows, is hosting the first inaugural Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards on November 8. These awards seek to recognize products new for 2018 that stood out for their innovation, design and use in the outdoor industry.

Thirty-two products will be on display at Outdoor Retailer’s Winter Market, where a panel of 12 judges will be on hand to evaluate each. The products will be judged based on a list of criteria: concept, design, originality, sustainability and impact. The winners will be featured in the Innovation Gallery at the Winter Market, taking place at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado, from Nov. 1 through Nov. 4.

Below, we take a look at a few of the lineup’s most distinctive products that could be an asset on your next run—or whatever activity you take part in.


The LynQ is a location tracker that works independently (i.e., it doesn’t need a phone, app or internet access to operate). Priced at $149, this tracker enables its users to identify the distance and direction of every member in a group of 12 people or fewer (who also have a LynQ device). Users can also coordinate a designated meeting space and “safe zone” for their group, with alerts in place in the event that a group member leaves.

Hydra-Light HydraCell Power Cube XS

Hydra-Light creates products that are solely powered by water using water-activated ion exchange technology. All that’s required is one 10- to 15-second dip in water, which then provides more than 100 hours of power.

iKamper X-Cover

The X-Cover is an innovative tent that can be set up in just three minutes right on top of your car. Made with a water-resistant poly-cotton canvas, the tent is protected from condensation and provides extra insulation while in use.

For more information on this year’s inaugural awards ceremony, follow this link.