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3 Companies That Can Add Personalized Flair To Your Gear

Fitness wear is taking it’s sweatastic style to the next level: customized workout apparel.

Because we all want this shirt.

Bright colors and bold designs let you sweat in style as you let your personality shine. But brands are now letting you update your look and express your personality even more. From running shoes and fitness tops to water bottles and headphones, you can create your own look and style within seconds—and it doesn’t cost that much more than what’s already on the shelves.

Before customized gear used to be generic cotton shirts, expensive and mainly for group settings. But now you can make your own dri-fit shirt, water bottle, socks, shoes and more. It’s like you’re your very own fitness designer without all the business stress.

Whether you want to create a birthday gift for your favorite running buddy or design something for yourself, check out where and how you can get a custom look within minutes.

From jackets and tees to water bottles and headphones, CustomInk has an amazing selection for you to design your own gear—and it’s not your generic cotton tee. Select from sport apparel names—like New Balance—choose your color and design (or make your own) and before you know it, you’ll have your own custom running gear. You don’t need to have a large group either, you can design a shirt, jacket, water bottle and more—just for you.

Bib Shirts
If you’ve been race expos, then you’ve most likely ran across Bib Shirts, race shirts with your bib printed on it. These shirts are not new, but worth mentioning because you don’t have to deal with pins or paper on your run. Plus you can add your favorite runspiration to keep you running strong along the course.

New Balance
While many brands let you customize the coloring of your running shoe, New Balance has taken it a step further. New Balance is working with Boston design studio Nervous System to create a 3-D printed midsole that can be customized based on your stride. The company is extending customization beyond aesthetics using data to give you optimal support, meet the Zante Generate for a one-of-a-kind running experience.

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