Active Maternity Gear

In most women’s pregnancies, there
comes a point when we have to face the facts: We can no longer wear our
pre-pregnancy workout clothes. At 15 weeks pregnant, my moment came a few days ago: Even my oversized
T-shirts were starting to creep up over my expanding abdomen. And now that I’ve
traded the pavement for the gym treadmill, I needed some cute but comfy
pregnancy workout gear.

Fortunately, more workout clothing
manufacturers are beginning to realize that when women get pregnant, we don’t necessarily stop exercising. In fact, some of the designers have found a way to make
us feel attractive, even with an extra 15 pounds.

Bao Bei Maternity workout wear goes against the stereotype that comfortable pregnancy clothes and
stylish apparel cannot live together in the same outfit. The Tiered Drops is a cute tank with “tiers” that expand to fit over a growing belly. For the fall, add the style-conscious Quick Fix Sleeves—the pregnant woman’s solution to staying
warm without adding another 10 pounds of clothing. 

BornFit’s workout gear was
thoughtfully designed for the mommy-to-be, with moisture-wicking, breathable
fabrics—because that extra weight around the belly ends up translating to extra
sweat, too. Its Crestone Pant is cute enough to wear to the gym or the mall, and
the waistline dips in front to accommodate the extra belly. Pair it with the
long-sleeved Cameron Pullover, which offers plenty of coverage for the growing
belly and bust.

For the ultimate in comfort, try
Prana’s line for the yoga mama. I’ve had non-pregnant women ask where
they could buy the Luna Maternity tank top—its empire waist flatters any
belly. And the built-in bra is supportive enough to wear alone for my
yoga class.

So if you are pregnant, do yourself
a favor and invest in some maternity workout gear. The cute styles will not only
inspire you to stay active, which is healthy for you and the baby, you’ll also
be a little more comfortable—something any pregnant woman can appreciate.