A Holiday Gift Guide For Runners In The Northwest

We reached out to runners across the USA for holiday gift ideas. Whether snow or sun rules your winter, our regional lists have it all!

Our Northwest Runner:
Sarah Hartnett
Age: 31, Seattle, WA

A digital ad tech product marketer, Sarah started running in 2008 with the encouragement of her then-boyfriend, now husband, and ran her first half that year. In 2012, she completed her first 26.2. Since then, she’s finished a total of four full marathons, 14 half marathons and several 5Ks and 10Ks.

“‘Go fast; take chances. Head up; wings out.’ Those are two mottos that I’ve adopted since joining Oiselle’s team years ago. It doesn’t matter how fast you run—all that matters is that you’ve tried to the best of your ability. Every mile counts in your journey.”