A Heart-Rate Monitor That Goes Where?!

Talk about getting crafty with this new heart-rate monitor that moves to the beat of

SMS Audio BioSport

For those runners who want to know exactly how hard to push during a workout, the heart-rate monitor is the perfect device. If you know your target heart rate, you know the “sweet spot” of your workout, and the American Heart Association says, “If your heart rate is too high, you’re straining. So slow down. If it’s too low, and the intensity feels ‘light’ or ‘moderate/brisk,’ you may want to push yourself to exercise a little harder.”

Heart-rate straps can be paired with a variety of activity trackers now, but they can often cause chafing or extra sweat around the strap, especially during summer with the increased heat and humidity. What if a common running accessory that you probably already use could track your heart rate, without the strap? Thanks to SMS Audio BioSport, it can. Now your headphones can make sure you stay pumped during your run, all while tracking how pumped your heart is as well.

With these nifty headphones, not only will you never need to charge or replace a battery in your heart-rate monitor again, but you will also skip what can be a long syncing process with your device. These headphones track your heart rate within the RunKeeper app, while also providing perfect sound to keep that running soundtrack blasting throughout your run.

For both Android and iPhone users, these headphones come with the standard incoming call answering options and include a microphone in case an important call comes in while you are on the road or trail. With three sizes of ear gels included (small, medium and large) you don’t have to worry about the fit of the headphones—and could even share them with a spouse or friend.

The headphones were developed with a special optical sensor to continuously track your heart rate. They will set you back $150, but since headphones are a staple accessory for many runners, the cost per wear and added features make the price well worth the investment.