Runners Can Experience China With The Dunhuang Marathon

One travel company has put together the ultimate vacation for runners to experience China.

Runners often turn races into vacations, but it can be exhausting to plan while training—and if you’re traveling internationally, doing so from a distance can be an added challenge. Wouldn’t it be nice if an insider just planned it for you?

Online travel site Jetbay is making it much easier for runners looking to make an exotic vacation out of their race. They have created a four day trip to China. Runners spend time in Dunhuang, a city in China’s northwestern Gansu Province, taking part in activities such as a camel ride through Mingsha Mountain and motorcycling through the desert. The trip is capped off with full or half marathon. 

This year’s trip takes place October 16-19. Check out these photos of the travel experience and get it on your calendar for 2016!

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