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4 Fun Races To Run With Your Valentine

One running-obsessed couple shares their favorite races just in time for Valentine’s Day.

bryanna and jennifer

After completing more than 30 races together, it’s no surprise that Bryana & Jennifer Letts from Sacramento, California, chose to celebrate their wedding last summer with running as the theme for their big day. Complete with tiny sneaker favors and Gatorade bottle vases, the event was full of running love. Learn how the couple makes striding together work, along with their must-run races.

We run for the after-party! That’s why the Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans Half Marathon is our dream race. Between the blinged-out medals and bands, we can’t think of a race that sounds like more fun. Since the Cajun city is one of our must-see travel spots, we’re hoping to make it our first half marathon together.
Where: New Orleans, LA
When: 2/28/16

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Running the Donut Dash is one of our absolute favorite events every year. Runners must dart 2 miles to a local bakery, where they eat four regular-sized glazed doughnuts as quickly as possible, before running 2 miles back to the finish. The race features two categories: a competitive group required to finish every crumb and a non-competitive group that takes their pastries to go. This is one event we look forward to every year!
Where: Sacramento, CA
When: March 2016

When we want to take our training to the next level, we like to mix things up with obstacle racing. The City Challenge Obstacle Race is a perfect combination of running with physical tests sprinkled throughout. We have a lot of fun helping each other. Getting to the finish line together as a result of our teamwork makes the journey even sweeter.
Where: Miami, FL
When: October 2016

color run

The Color Run has a very special place in our hearts as the first race we ever did together, so you can imagine how excited we were when we found out an event was planned for the day after our wedding. Continuing the marital celebration, we had a lot of the guests from our wedding sign up to run with us. It was so much fun! Everyone donned white shirts that were covered in a rainbow of colors by the end of the race.
Where: multiple locations
When: multiple dates

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