Inclusive ‘Marathon In A Day’ Lets Runners Finish 26.2 Miles At Their Leisure

A UK runner is launching Marathon in a Day, a marathon that any runner can complete and which benefits the mental health charity Mind.


The Totally Chill Marathon Just About Anyone Can Finish

Runners struggling with a mashup of marathon feelings ranging from fear to desire now have an out: it’s called Marathon in a Day. Created by Clare Rixon, a 29-year-old runner from the Broadwater neighborhood in West Sussex, England, this virtual marathon is notable for its inclusiveness. Designed for those who are curious about marathons but unsure of their ability to complete one, this race has no set route or pace, no time-induced route closings and no rule about how far each individual runner needs to go. In fact, besides the requirement that all 26.2 miles need to be completed within 24 hours at a run, there doesn’t seem to be many rules at all. Run as part of a relay team, jog it solo, race for a new PR or stop for limitless ice cream breaks along the way—as long as you or your team logs 26.2 miles of running within 24 hours between September 1 and 3, you will be a Marathon in a Day finisher.

All registered participants will receive a medal once they send race organizers confirmation of their completed mileage. To do this, each participant will need to track  their progress on a fitness app or tracker; similarly, teams should submit their mileage proof together. Registration costs £15 for solo runners and £12 for those running as part of a team. Proceeds benefit the UK-based mental health charity Mind. The event recently earned the endorsement of retired British Olympian Kelly Holmes, who wrote about Marathon in a Day for Medium earlier this month.


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