Fun Races!

Sure, we all like to get out and run a race and push ourselves to obtain a new PR (personal record), but sometimes it’s fun to run in a less intense environment. While we might have a hard time keeping the competitive girl inside us at bay, channeling our inner child can put the fun into racing (not to mention the photo ops that are sure to ensue!). Here are a few races we found to run- just for the fun of it:

  • The Color Run. As runners proceed through the course, they become the target of colored chalk gusts. Check out the video below for more information and find The Color Run near you here.

  • Run For Your Lives. Imagine Halloween Horror Nights at your local theme park crossed with an off road trail run and you have a good idea of what this race entails. We featured an app (called Zombies, Run!) for your smartphone a few weeks ago that pumps a run against zombies through your headphones as you head out on a training run. Here is your opportunity to bring that app to life and run on a “Zombie Infested” obstacle 5K course. Check out the video and find a Run For Your Lives race near you here.

  • Tough Mudder. This is the mother (or mudder, as they say) of all mud runs. Not for the faint at heart, this is a challenging 10-12 mile trail run with various obstacles placed along the course (distance varies on location of the race). Join the “Mudder Nation” by viewing the video and finding a Tough Mudder near you here.

These races definitely caught our eyes- which one would you do if you had to choose just one?