Eat Pray Run DC: Bucket List Races

Courtney shares which races she dreams of running. What's on your bucket list?

2014-09-14 09.23.57

I love, love, LOVE running races. It’s so fun to race with friends and with strangers that become friends. If I could, I’d race almost every weekend. Of course I have a life outside of running, so that can’t happen. I also don’t have unlimited money for race fees, so I try to budget carefully and not get carried away (but it’s so easy to do so!). However, I do have a list of races that I’d love to run and hope to check off my list soon!

  • Marine Corps Marathon. This is my hometown marathon and I definitely will run it someday soon – hopefully next year! I’d love nothing more than to run 26.2 through my city.
  • A Disney race. I LOVE Disney World and it’s my dream to run a Disney race. I’m not too particular about which race, although I think I’d probably pass on doing a marathon at Disney. The Wine and Dine Half Marathon seems about my speed.
  • New York City Marathon. I have had some great runs in Central Park and nothing sounds more fun than running through New York with 50,000 of my closest friends.
  • Big Sur Marathon. I mean, have you seen pictures of this course? Yeah, it’s stunning. I will definitely run this one someday soon.
  • Boston Marathon. Yeah, the big one. I have a tenative goal of qualifying for the Boston marathon for my 40th birthday (in 8 years). This is obviously a huge goal, so this race will remain on my list until I get there!

That’s my list! There are, of course, tons of races that I would love to run but these races are all big ones that I may only get the chance to run once in a lifetime. I plan on getting started with crossing these runs off my list as early as next year.

What races are on your bucket list? Tweet @eatprayrundc and @womensrunning to let us know!