Eat Pray Run DC: 5 Reasons You Should Run A Holiday Themed Race

Get your holiday spirit on and hit the road for a fun race!


Fall is in full effect. While it isn’t officially winter yet, temperatures around the country are quickly dropping and many of us have even seen snow. I was recently in Boulder, Colorado on a business trip and the temperature was 1 degree. ONE DEGREE. That is just downright rude! What does any of this have to do with running a holiday themed race? Well, because, just like the bears, many of us like to hibernate when the temperatures drop. But why hibernate when you can run? Here are five reasons you should run a holiday themed race:

  1. Force yourself to get outside. Let’s face it. When the temperature drops, it’s so hard to find motivation to leave your warm bed, let alone the house. Sign up for a race and get yourself out your front door!
  2. Feel like a total badass. It’s 10am, it’s freezing and you’ve already raced 5 miles in a holiday themed race. AH-MAZ-ING. You’ve done more already than most people will do all day. Go ahead and post that finisher’s photo to Instagram. Feel awesome! You’ve earned it.
  3. Earn that Thanksgiving dinner! Speaking of earning, if you run a Thanksgiving day Turkey Trot, you can indulge guilt-free in all of your favorites. You’ve already burned so many calories.
  4. Help others. Many holiday themed races are fundraisers for charities. The turkey trot I run in DC each Thanksgiving raises money to help feed DC’s poor and homeless residents. The organization (So Others Might Eat) is well run. I feel good knowing that my small contribution is helping someone else on a holiday that reminds me to be grateful for all that I have.
  5. Costumes. Whether it’s a turkey trot or a holiday lights run, many people dress up in festive gear for holiday themed races. While I’m not a huge fan of running in costume (unless it’s a tutu, then I’m IN!), I LOVE seeing the creative costumes other people come up with. It definitely makes a race feel more festive!

Running a holiday themed race is an easy way to keep up your running. Have some fun and earn all the treats that seem to be everywhere during the holiday season!

Do you run any holiday themed races? Do you wear costumes? Let me know! Tweet @eatprayrundc and @womensrunning.