California Drought Forces Cancellation Of Mud Run

Race organizers determined they couldn't spare potential drinking water for the event.

Photo: The Press-Enterprise
Photo: The Press-Enterprise

As the crippling drought continues throughout California, race organizers are being forced to reconsider their planned events. One of the first races to be affected is the Jurassic Classic Mud Run. Originally set for May 16th in Helmet, California, the 5K was forced to cancel when the parks service determined it would be an irresponsible use of potential drinking water.

California Governor Jerry Brown has ordered a 25 percent reduction of water use across the state. This year’s Jurassic Mud Run would have required more water than usual, due to the unusually dry ground. The 200 registered participants will receive a refund. Organizers looked into changing the event to an obstacle course race, but timing did not allow.

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Similar mud runs scheduled for this summer have not been canceled in California, but there is a chance they will also not take place. So far no traditional running races have been canceled.

Though disappointing to the participants and causes the event supports, the organizers of the Jurassic Mud Run made the right call in an urgent water situation. Let’s hope the state of California receives relief from the drought very soon.