Fun Facts And Numbers For The 2018 Boston Marathon

Browse these numbers collected during the 2018 Boston Marathon.

The 122nd running of the Boston Marathon was notable for many reasons—the first win by an American woman in 33 years, the unusually cold and rainy weather conditions and the sheer number of athletes, volunteers and spectators that refused to let the intense elements interfere with their Marathon Monday plans. Here are a few notable numbers from this year’s race:


The 2018 Boston Marathon expected to welcome a full race of 30,087 participants (27,042 of whom showed up at the start line despite the weather rearing its ugly head and 25,822 of whom crossed the finish line).


On Monday morning, 40 elite men and women athletes lined up at the starting line in Hopkinton to take on the race.


At the 8:40 a.m. start of the mobility impaired field, the first wave of the 122nd Boston Marathon, the temperature in Hopkinton was 37 degrees, with a 32-degree windchill.


This year’s “Year of Service” theme was a nod to the 100th anniversary of the very first Boston Marathon military relay. The inaugural 1918 relay was held in recognition of the United States’ involvement in the first World War.


On site at this year’s Boston Marathon were an estimated 1,700 medical volunteers.


Approximately 3,500 security personnel lined the streets in Boston for the marathon. They were joined by 4,000 local, state and federal law enforcement officers.


An estimated 9,500 people volunteered their time during the B.A.A. 5K and the Boston Marathon to make the races run as smoothly as possible.


Boston and its surrounding neighborhoods expected to pull in roughly $201 million as a result of the marathon and expo festivities.


Boston Marathon sponsor John Hancock distributed $830,500 in prize money to this year’s top finishers.


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