18 Numbers That Show The Magnitude Of The Boston Marathon

You know the race is iconic, but do you know exactly what goes in to making it run? You've got to check out these numbers.

BRAVO, BOSTON! Qualifying to run the Boston Marathon can mean years of hard work and dedication. But, have you ever wondered what it takes to put on the iconic event? The Boston Athletic Association shared these stats from 2016.

But first, a fact about this year’s race! In 1967, Kathrine Switzer was the first woman to finish the race wearing an official bib. The 70-year-old will return to the race this April, 50 years later!

The race director Jock Semple tried unsuccessfully to remove Kathrine from the 1967 Boston Marathon course. AP Photo

Here are some stats that show the magnitude of this iconic race and what went into make it so successful last year:

  • 90,000 race expo attendees
  • 30,000 official entrants
  • 9,400 volunteers (80 per water station)
  • 1,900 medical personnel
  • 3,300 pounds of pasta & 2,825 quarts of tomato sauce for the pre-race dinner
  • 17,000 cups of tea/coffee
  • 28,200 bananas
  • 42,000 packets of Clif Bar Energy Shots
  • 4,000 Band-Aids
  • 144,000 safety pins
  • 1.4 million paper cups
  • 24 water stations
  • 500 tubes of petroleum jelly
  • 36 course clocks
  • 992 portapotties
  • 30,000 feet of fencing
  • 9,000 barricades