Your Running Gear Packing List For A Long Weekend

Going away for the long weekend? Here's what running gear should go with you.

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Make a list of what you want to bring on your trip before you start packing. Nothing is worse than realizing you forgot your running shoes! A list will also help you think about what you don’t need: Will you really have time to do those workout DVDs?


  • Running shoes
  • Socks
  • Sports bra
  • Running shorts or tights
  • Tank top
  • Long-sleeve running shirt
  • Hat
  • Water bottle
  • Travel-size sunscreen
  • Large ziplock bags

Leave the tech at home. Vacation is a great opportunity to unplug in more ways than one. In addition to avoiding work emails, keeping your runs free of GPS watches and headphones allows you to clear your mind, take in your surroundings and decompress.

Running gear can eat up space in your suitcase. Free up some real estate by stuffing smaller items (socks and sports bras) in your running shoes.

Stay on top of hydration by packing an empty water bottle in your luggage or carry-on. If you are flying, fill up on the other side of security—many airports now provide bottle fountains—and use throughout your trip to save money and the environment. The ziplock bags are for the return trip. When you pack up the hotel room, you’ll be glad to have your sweaty workout clothes contained!