Your Most-Searched Running Terms In 2015

And the articles that can answer your most common questions.


All these words, they led you straight to us! Ever wonder what the most-Googled terms were for Women’s Running? Here’s your answer—and the articles that you loved as a result:

“couch to half marathon”

Well this is a given. Our couch-to-half plan has been a popular resource for so many of you runners, and we are happy that it’s become a household term.

“women’s running”

You just really want to find our website and more information on women dominating the sport. Thanks for visiting our homepage!

“running for weight loss”

Hello, 2016! This will be a popular term through January, as everyone revises their resolutions, starts new ones or just hits the gym for the first time in months. Here’s something to get you started.

“how to train for half marathon”

How the heck DO you train for 13.1 miles? The half marathon is the most popular distance in the United States, so here are a few resources that might help you:

8-Week Intermediate Half Plan

Run A Half In 4 Weeks With Our Plan

13.1 Tips For Running Your Best Half Marathon

“upper body exercises”

Often an underrated area for runners, the upper body is half the power while you’re running. There are some exercises that can help runners beef up the upper. And there are also more exercises. And more.

“what to eat before a half marathon”

No one wants a mid-race stomach biff—but sometimes runners aren’t sure where to start with race nutrition. Here are some ideas. And if you’re upping the distance to 26.2, there’s food for that.

“3-day cleanse”

We love cleanses in the New Year—as long as they are smart and safe. Here’s one we tried earlier this year.

“running songs 2015”

We have a list for every month this year! Ready…GO! January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December.