You Won’t Believe Which City Runs The Most Marathons

Okay, maybe you will. But it's definitely not us here in the U.S.

strava insights

On October 6, Strava launched its new Insights platform, which is a crazy-cool interactive tool that can explore data from endurance events around the world. It will refresh each week and show the last 12 months of data from Strava members, allowing comparison between the 12 most active cities. As it stands, more than 30 million activities have been uploaded in the last year across these cities.

Cities in Strava Insights include: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Milan, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Sao Paulo and Sydney.

The program revealed compelling data from these cities, from run commuting data, to worldwide ranking of city dwellers, to most active days:

Fastest, longest running city: Parisian runners have the fastest average pace, with 8:56 minutes per mile, besting New York City, the fastest running city in the U.S., by 19 seconds per mile. Paris also logs the longest runs on average, with 6.2 miles.

Top U.S. city for running pace: With an average of 9:15/mile, New Yorkers log the fastest runs among Americans.

Earliest birds: Sydney’s runners record 30 percent of their runs between 6 and 8 a.m. In the U.S., Los Angeles runners log 24 percent of their runs between 6 and 8 a.m.

Most active day: On Sunday, Mar. 22, London racked up the most runs with nearly 13,000 recorded. Can you name that day’s big race?

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But who are the world’s fastest city dwellers? Here’s a top-1o look:

Paris — 8:56/mi (avg. pace)
London — 9:00/mi
Berlin — 9:11/mi
Melbourne — 9:11/mi
Milan — 9:13/mi
New York City — 9:15/mi
Amsterdam — 9:19/mi
Sydney — 9:33/mi
Barcelona — 9:41/mi
San Francisco — 9:47/mi
Los Angeles — 10:26/mi
São Paulo — 10:45/mi

Which city runs the farthest?

Paris — 6.2 miles (avg. distance)
Barcelona — 5.9 mi & Milan — 5.9 mi
Berlin — 5.8 mi
Amsterdam — 5.2 mi
New York City — 5 mi
London — 4.8 miles
Los Angeles — 4.7 mi & Melbourne — 4.7 mi
San Francisco — 5 mi
São Paulo — 4.8 mi
Sydney — 4.6 mi

Paris wins again! But—which city runs the most marathons?

London — 12,888 (completed over 12 months)
San Francisco —5,479
Amsterdam — 4,678
Los Angeles — 4,528
Paris —  4,200
Barcelona — 3,485
New York City — 2,698
Melbourne — 2,255
Sydney — 1,912
Berlin — 1,397
Milan — 1,241
São Paulo — 1,170