You Know It’s Cold Outside When…

When even a treadmill long run seems inviting. But here is what happens when you tough it out in the cold.

you know it's cold outside when

With the recent arctic blast that much of the U.S. seemed to experience last week, many of us were faced with running in colder-than-normal temperatures. (Or maybe you chose the treadmill – here are some great workouts to try if you wisely chose the warmer option!)

During one of my chilly runs, I realized my vision was being impaired. It felt like something was getting stuck on my eyelashes. After a quick stop, I found that I had ice hanging from my eyelashes. My eyes tear a lot from the wind and cold, and it was so cold out that the tears were turning to ice. Icicles on my eyelashes.


You know it’s cold out when that happens, right? Here are other ways you know it’s cold out:

  1. You have to wear so many layers that one load of laundry is one run’s worth of clothes and gear.
  2. Your mileage for the day is higher than the temperature.
  3. You spend the entire run dreaming about a steaming cup of coffee next to a toasty fire followed by a warm bath.
  4. 30 degrees sounds (and feels!) like a heatwave.
  5. You leave a water bottle outside during your long run only to find it completely frozen 6 miles later when you return.
  6. Getting dressed for your run takes longer than the actual run.
  7. Your outfit is a cross between a ninja warrior and bank robber.
  8. Instead of eyelashes, you have eye-cicles.
  9. A long run on the treadmill sounds inviting.
  10. Your phone that was 100% charged when the run began, dies 5 miles in.