Here’s A ‘Would You Rather’ Game Just For Runners

Next time you are out on a run with a buddy, try playing this runners-only version of the classic game, 'Would You Rather?'


From long car rides to Friday-night slumber parties, we’ve all grown up playing the classic game of “Would You Rather.” The game can range from tame and mild to raunchy and wild, and tailoring it to different audiences is half the fun.

So let’s play a just-for-runners round with some realistic questions—and a few silly situations too.

Would you rather…

Run with someone chatty or silent?

Run with no socks or no sports bra?

Run a mile naked or in a snow suit?

Run in the freezing cold or sweltering heat?

Run with an empty stomach or a full bladder?

Run a hilly 5K or a flat marathon?

Run without music or without a GPS watch?

Run the New York City or Boston marathon?

Run as much as you want on the treadmill or only once a week outside?

Run a beer mile or a color run?

Run on a trail or the road?

Run in shoes that are too big or too small?

Eat a slice of pizza mid-race or drink a milkshake?

Run in the rain or snow?

Run alone or with a big group for the rest of your life?

Run the same outdoor route every single day or run on a treadmill every single day?

Have a personal chef or running coach?

Get free running shoes or free race registrations for life?

Do only gentle yoga or intense boot camp classes for your cross-training?

Run in your favorite outfit every day but only wash it once a week or run in clean clothes that you hate every day?