Women Who Move: Tess P. Yutadco

"Running gave me the courage to quit my job and start my own company."

AGE: 40

Because I struggled with asthma as a child, I always believed I was physically below average and that there was nothing I could do about it. My weight fluctuated often. I’d diet and lose a few pounds, and then slip back to overeating. I assumed my body was destined to be that way.

After graduating law school, my lifestyle became even more sedentary and the number on the scale crept steadily higher. Then, in 2008, during a long commute, I was shifting in my seat when the button on my pants popped off! Right there and then, I decided I was done feeling unhealthy.

That week, I stocked my fridge with fresh foods and I started walking for exercise. Walking turned into walk-jogging, and eventually, I was fit enough to run. I could feel myself becoming stronger as I shed the extra weight and tapped into the confidence that had been hiding underneath many layers of self-doubt. With every finish line I crossed—I’ve run two half marathons so far—I discovered that I was braver than I thought.

I’d never enjoyed being tied to a desk, and with my newfound courage, I decided to quit my job as an attorney to start my own company. I now wake up every day feeling healthy and happy to go to work as the founder of the skincare company Make My Yours. I want every woman to feel radiant inside and out.