occasion, I enjoy posting quotes from real women runners. Whether barely a
beginner, an experienced elite, or any level in between, all of us gals are
bound together by the common themes of our running experience.


I recently ran my first half marathon (Avenue of
the Giants
) on May 3rd. I am more of an adventure junkie than a
runner by nature, but I was inspired to run in support of my sister, Amber, who
Team in Training to raise funds for cancer research, Our Aunt died last
year from cancer and our dad is now in remission, we hope, from prostate cancer,
so it’s a cause that is close to our hearts. Amber is a new mom, has never previously
been a runner and is training and racing to take care of herself, get back in
shape and make a difference. I am so proud of her!

If you would like to learn about Amber’s journey, please check out her blog:


As part of my own training, I took a five week self-supported bike trip in New Zealand in
March and April. Perhaps this was not the best or most specific way to prepare
for a half marathon, but one has got to live, and for me that means being on my
bike whenever possible. This adventure was chronicled in my own blog:


As for what’s next for Amber and me, we’re not yet
sure – except for knowing that it will be equally important, empowering,
life-changing and FUN!

 -Adria, 37