Woman Completes 3:32:13 Half Marathon On Crutches

After fracturing her foot mid-training run for a half marathon, one runner decided it wouldn't stop her from racing.

Revel Race Series
Revel Race Series

Maggie Nolting discovered her love of running just a few years ago. The New York Times reports the actress has trained for and raced a few half marathons and is part of the LA branch of The November Project. This love of running is what has kept her going, even through a fractured left foot.

Though her recent 3:32:13 at the Revel Mount Charleston Half Marathon in May was far from her PR of 1:54:30, the race is still one of her greatest accomplishments—because she raced it in entirety on crutches.

In the same article, The NY Times reports that Nolting beat 43 people who were running on both feet.

Not wanting to let her fractured foot stop her from her fitness routine, Nolting was told by her doctor and training partners that she could still exercise if she kept weight off of her foot. So she began performing one-legged burpees, one-legged dips and more. She worked with what she had available.

Racing on crutches took training as it is said to double the effort required when running. She used music as an extra motivator and race partner.

“‘It takes more arm muscle to pull off a big stride, but I was able to marry the beats of my music and mix up my approach,’ she said. ‘Even through the last mile.’

Shortening her stride and increasing her turnover in a makeshift finish-line sprint, she was the 1,115th athlete—and the only one on crutches—to cross the finish line.”

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