Runners Share What They Wish They Knew Before They Started

Tips and tricks runners wish they knew before they took that first step.

These runners share the tips and tricks they wish they’d known about when they first started running.

The First Step Is To Just Start

“That there is an entire community dedicated to running, and that they are there for you no matter what.” —Alexsandra Rigg of Salt Lake City, Utah

“You don’t have to run at a fast pace every time. Not every run can or should be fast.” —Sara Brown of Arlington, Va.

“That I could do it!  I started running at 57 and had no idea I could run!” —Sylvia Ross of Bradford, England

“How important it is to stretch, especially after a run, and to do hip-strengthening exercises.” —René Allison Kougel of Fishers, Ind.

“Shoes are a vital investment! Also, a good sports bra makes a huge difference!” —Tricia L. Langheim of Chatham, Ill.

“That I don’t always have to chase PBs (personal bests), and I can run just to finish that marathon and enjoy it.” —Sasha Kaufman of Manchester, England

“The overwhelming feeling that one feels during their ‘breakthrough moment.’ I feel like I become stronger each time I run now.” —Devne Felson of Seminole, Okla.

“Fueling your body with the right foods and realizing that strength training is an important factor that goes with running.” —Shannon Crane of Kent City, Mich.

“After you ‘take a break’ for longer than a week or two, it’s going to feel like you are starting all over again.” —Diane Vert, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

“It’s okay to have a bad race because sometimes you just have a bad day. And part of being okay with that is understanding that you were trained and ready for race day.” —Carrie Giebisch Flesch of Apple Valley, Minn.


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