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Check out why Suz Lyfe is one of our favorite daily reads.

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Blogger on the Run: SUZ LYFE

Suz Lyfe follows the life of Susan Lemmer. She started her blog as a space to share her thoughts on running, exercise, lifestyle, food, and how she doesn’t let a childhood diagnosis of Crohn’s disease impact her life. Lemmer is in her mid-20’s and lives in Chicago with her husband.

Lemmer’s mission with Suz Lyfe:
“As a kid, I claimed that I would only run if someone chased me. But after my diagnosis with Crohn’s disease, I fell in love with the sport. Running became analogous with my journey toward health and now it helps me to maintain my mental and physical well-being. I don’t run for my figure, the bling or because it is trendy. I run because with each step, I am grateful for the life that I am fighting to have and enjoy. I run to believe in myself and live beyond my own expectations—as well as everyone else’s. I run so that I can define my life on my own terms.”

Suz’s favorite post-run splurge: Protein Frappuccino:
I don’t often pony up the money for a Frappuccino, but I’ll do it after a race! I get protein added—if your Starbucks also serves smoothies, they will have protein powder!

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