Why We Love This Running Blog—And You Will Too

Breathe Deeply and Smile chronicles the journey of a young runner.

breathe deeply

By Lauren Seserko
Baltimore, MD

“I started running initially to lose a few pounds right after graduating from college and realized that this former high school athlete had gotten really out of shape. I signed up for a local 5K that I trained for all summer, and after that it snowballed into longer races.  I ran my first half marathon a little less than a year later, which is when I officially became hooked on running.  I love that running clears my mind, relieves stress, brings me happiness, challenges me and makes me stronger on the road and in life. Plus, as a bonus, it is great for offsetting the pizza and sweets I love.”

“My favorite mile of a marathon has to be the last mile of the Chicago Marathon as you come down right before the Roosevelt ‘hill.’ That little hill is killer after 25 miles of straight, flat course, but knowing I was almost done with the marathon and hearing the crowd cheering felt so special. I’ve never run a race so big with so many spectators before. It’s definitely when I started crying from happiness and relief at the race last year.”

“My favorite post-run reward is either a beer or a sweet treat (after plenty of Nuun and a recovery snack first!). Lately after long run, it’s been an awesome pastry or cookie ice cream sandwich (shout-out to Baltimore’s @creamcruiser) from the local farmer’s market on the weekends.”

“I’ve been training for the Chicago Marathon this fall. It’ll be my third full marathon and 2nd time running Chicago. I ran last year after being sick all week so I’m looking for redemption!”

“If my blog was a cocktail, it would be 3 parts running and training, 2 parts foodie, 1 part lifestyle, with a dash of introspection thrown in. Check out my blog to hear all about my adventures in running, fitness, November Project, craft cocktails & beer, eating, traveling, finding happiness, all things Baltimore, and figuring out how to navigate this crazy thing called life.”