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Why Training For A Marathon Is Like Announcing You’re Pregnant

Oh my god, how far along are you in your training?!

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I don’t know if it’s the time of year or the fact that I’m at the 20-something age where everyone is starting families, but my social feeds are filled with people announcing baby bumps and shaky ultrasound photos. Don’t get me wrong—I’m totally over-the-moon stoked for my buddies and relatives who are becoming proud parents (shout-out to editor Kristan who has the most adorable baby boy!). However, I couldn’t help but notice some strange parallels between the over-dramatic scenes of pregnancy reveals and my real-life talks about training for a marathon. If you really think about it, announcing you’re training is kind of like announcing you’re pregnant…right?

You’re not drinking

Overzealous friend: “Wait…why aren’t you drinking? Are you…are you…training for a marathon?! OMG!”

Marathoner: “I am! I just decided to take it on last night! I’ve been trying for awhile to get into good enough shape, and I feel I’m in a good place to take on a training plan.”

The big question of which one

Overzealous friend: “You have to tell me which one you’re training for.”

Marathoner: “I’m not sure yet. I’m going to search around for a few weeks and see which fits best with my training schedule. But once I find out, I will let you know!”

How far along you are

Overzealous friend: “So how far along are you in training? Have you seen any differences in your fitness yet?”

Marathoner: “I’m only a few weeks along, but I expect to start to feel growth in another month or so.”

The ‘can I touch?’ question (This one is a stretch and hasn’t actually happened to me, but it does make me chuckle.)

Overzealous friend: “You have to flex your quad for me. Can I feel it? You look so great!”

Marathoner: “Sure…if you want to…? I’m sure it will be more defined in another month or so.”

The clothes

Overzealous friend: “Have you gone shopping for clothes yet? Picked out colors? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO WEAR?”

Marathoner: “Ha—once I choose which race I want to do, it all depends on location and weather. I’ll probably have a few different outfits to choose from.”

The evaporation of your social life

Overzealous friend: “Ugh, I hear marathon training is super hard. How are you going to have energy to do all the things you used to do? Like party? Oh wait—you’re not drinking.”

Marathoner: “I mean, I’ll sleep a lot. I’ll probably eat way more than I used to since I’m basically eating for two: the miles and me.”

The partner

Overzealous friend: “WAIT! But who’s your training partner? Don’t tell me it’s that person from the old run group. Her pace was all over the place, and she isn’t reliable.”

Marathoner: “I actually have someone else in mind. You haven’t met him yet, but I’m sure you will on my marathon day! My whole family is coming out for the race, and he will be there to run me through the whole course.”

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