Why Target’s Swimsuit Campaign Rules Summer

The popular department store uses bloggers for models in their new bathing suit campaign.

Target "A Fit For Every Body" Campaign
Target “A Fit For Every Body” Campaign. From left: Zanna Rassi, Nashelly Messina, Niiki Minton, Sarah Boyd and Chante Burkett

Just as summer starts to heat up around the country, Target is kicking off this steamy season with a body-loving bang in their new, totally hip, totally real swimsuit campaign, “A Fit For Every Body,” which launched this week. Four bloggers, Nashelly Messina, Nikki Minton, Sarah Boyd and Chantè Burkett, are the stars of the show, which features real talk between the four women and Target stylist Zanna Rassi on how to select the perfect swimsuit for everyone’s unique body type.

In the video on Target’s Youtube channel, Zanna asked each blogger what the favorite and least favorite parts of her body were. The answers to both questions ranged from torso, breasts, butt, thighs and stomach—areas that many women can also relate to. As the video highlights each woman individually, poolside, in her chosen swimsuit, the stylist explains why each selection works for that specific figure and each woman’s specific wants.

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Each of the four bloggers shared the fun campaign on their individual blogs. “I know you can tell how much fun we had the minute we found the right swimsuit, and I hope you’re inspired to do the same,” Nashelly said on her blog. Another blogger Chantè said, “Target hands down did their thing with this campaign, it’s so realistic with light body edits. This campaign is a celebration of all body types and how you to can find the perfect swimsuit for you.”

This real display of summer fun is another body-love win for women everywhere! Watch the video here: