Why Running A 1-Mile Race Should Be On Your Bucket List

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1-mile race

3.1 miles, 13.1 miles, 26.2 miles—those distances get all the love and attention. And rightfully so—completing any one of those distances, or any in between, is a mega-accomplishment no matter your level. But there’s one distance that’s was around before these became super popular events, and it’s popping back up on the road race scene in a big way: the 1-mile run.

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“The mile is deeply embedded in America culture—we think, speak and relate in miles,” says Ryan Lamppa, founder of “Bring Back The Mile.” “In short, we Americans understand what a mile is as a distance in our everyday lives. Moreover, the mile is a doable, achievable distance to complete for the vast majority of people, and recent comprehensive studies have shown that it is the ideal fitness distance for all, regardless of speed or age.”

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Historical significance and ideal distance aside, here are 10 other reasons, from us and BBTM, to add a 1-mile race to your bucket list, especially one that cruises a San Diego beach town like Carlsbad 5000:

1. You finish sooner than other longer distances! (Aka, reach the beer garden first, amiright?)
2. You probably won’t be as sore or stiff the next day.
3. Many 1-mile road races are either flat or point-to-point and downhill.
4. You can compare your finish time to that time you ran in elementary school P.E., when you were “forced” to run a mile.
5. You still get a medal!
6. The 1-mile run can be a warm-up to a race you might be running the following weekend!
7. It’s a fun way to test your speed. Whether you want to go all out, walk as fast as you can or just give the distance a go and see what happens, sometimes it’s fun to try and move as fast as you want.
8. A mile is a “doable, achievable distance,” which means when you tell your friends you’re running a 1-mile run…you might end the convo with a new run bud.
9. It’s an instant PR if you’re a newbie to the distance.
10. If you’re prepping for your first 5K later this year, a 1-mile race is the perfect opportunity to get a taste of the racing atmosphere.