Why I Run: Jordan Hasay

“When I get tired during a race, I take a deep breath and tell myself to believe.”

Life moves fast for 21-year-old JORDAN HASAY. The University of Oregon’s most decorated runner earned her diploma, secured a Nike sponsorship, found a new coach, relocated to Utah for high altitude training and came in second in the 10,000 meters at the U.S. Track and Field Championships—all in the time it takes most college grads to empty their dorm rooms and hit the beach. This newly minted pro has her eye on the 2016 Olympic Games and is looking forward to racing strong and seeing where her career takes her.

“I was beating all the boys in gym class, so I joined the seventh grade track team. I raced and came in second. No one told me you were supposed to sprint at the end! Once I learned to finish with a sprint, it was quite a while before I didn’t come in first.”

“My favorite piece of new gear is the Nike+ FuelBand [which monitors your activity throughout the day]. My brother and I use it to compete in our workouts. It’s a challenge because I have to rest after I train, where he can go for another bike ride or go surfing.”

“Running the Poly Canyon Trail in San Luis Obispo is my must-do run when I go home to California. The route is about 9 miles long, beautiful and really hilly. When it’s time for a long run, I’ll do it twice.”

Oatmeal with cinnamon, berries and flax seeds is what I like to eat for breakfast before a race or long run. I also have a glass of milk. I’ve been drinking it since I was little and think it keeps me healthy!”

“I carry my gear in a backpack, but nothing very interesting— usually a snack like a banana or Clif Kid ZBar, an extra pair of socks, ChapStick and whatever clothes I need for my workout.”

“I get pretty nervous before races but try to focus on the fact that I have an opportunity to use my gift to the best of my potential and it helps me focus.”