Alexi Pappas Shares Some Of Her Favorite Things

“I want to contribute to the sport as a personality, not just a set of legs." Here is a closer look at pro runner Alexi Pappas.

Former Dartmouth steeplechase star Alexi Pappas, finished out her final year of NCAA eligibility at the University of Oregon, where she helped lead the Ducks to two national championships. Today, she’s competing as a professional athlete while working toward her masters degree. In her spare time, this Renaissance woman is a filmmaker, actor, artist, writer, jersey designer—and has plans to market a brand-new sports bra.

“Running has taught me discipline. There’s the physical part of running, but it’s a mental sport too. I have to choose to be strong.”

“The same day my dad ran his first marathon in Napa Valley, my brother and I ran our first 5K. It was a really big day for our family. Crossing the finish line with my brother gave me a sense of teamwork that I’ve carried with me ever since.”

“I try to smile at least once during a race. It makes me happier and gives me new legs.”

“My gym bag is a backpack and I carry my glasses, rain gear (I do live in the northwest!), a red spork, my phone for tweeting (I tweet a LOT—find me @AlexiPappas), Dove Cucumber deodorant and containers of food in various stages of decomposition.”

“My must-have running gear is Goody elastic hair ties. I have curly, unruly hair that must always be tamed in a bun for competition.”

“Kelly green is my new favorite color. Go Ducks!”

“Before every race I eat a cookie. Part of the fun is picking out the sweet I’ll enjoy on the starting line—a special bite of awesomeness for me!”

“I want to contribute to the sport as a personality, not just a set of legs. Leaving running sassier and better than I found it is a definite goal.”