You’ll Never Guess What This Tough Mudder Found In Her Clothes

Who knew the mental prep for event day needs to include this?


You can’t really prepare for everything a Tough Mudder offers, so you learn to go with it. Each obstacle has its own twist and, with the right mindset, you call it fun and dive in. However, I didn’t expect that the final obstacle of Saturday’s Tough Mudder in Arizona would come as I was unpacking at home yesterday.

I had put my dirty clothes in a plastic bag to bring home in my suitcase. I poured them into a bucket and filled it with hot water in the tub—the first of many, many rinses before I could use the washing machine. After I pulled out the soaked clothing, I noticed something floating in the water. I felt as if I didn’t even want to know what that was, as I asked my husband, Jim, to go outside to dump the dirty water.

“That’s a scorpion!” he exclaimed. Whaaaat?

Yep, and it gets better…

As dear Jim brought it outside and put the critter on a table for me to take a photo (of course!), he found it was still alive. Whether it was the hot bath or the near suffocation in a plastic bag on the plane home, the scorpion was sluggish and didn’t seem to be thriving. Jim said he’d keep an eye on it as he sat down to read a book.

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I continued with the rinse regime and came back to see how the little land lobster was doing. But it wasn’t there! We both went into panic mode for a second until we saw it had moved from one side of the table to the other. Phew. Jim decided to prevent any further panic, if you know what I mean. And I went back inside.

Whether the hitchhiker came from Tough Mudder or the hotel is definitely a question. I like to think it wasn’t in my clothes when they were actually on me!