What A Former Spice Girl Really Loved About The Color Run

The pop star-turned-America's Got Talent judge engaged in a fun partnership for this year's Color Run in LA.

Courtesy of The Color Run
Courtesy of The Color Run

Mel B, aka Scary Spice, will tell you what she wants, what she really, really wants—to keep doing runs with her daughter, Phoenix! The former Spice Girl and current America’s Got Talent judge ran her way through blasting colors at The Color Run in Los Angeles earlier this year, and we asked her a few questions about her experience:

Women’s Running: Congrats on the Color Run with your daughter! What was your favorite part about doing this run with her, since it’s such a fun-first event?

Mel B: My favorite part was getting splattered with all the color. I had no idea that we were going to be completely covered in color, and my daughter, Phoenix, had a blast getting messy. She did not want to leave!

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WR: We all know Shout as a stain remover for those dirty, color-covered clothes—can you share what your partnership with them looked like for the run?

MB: To celebrate the start of the summer season, I participated in the Color Run sponsored by Shout® in LA as part of “Team Shout®” with Phoenix. We ran a very happy, colorful, messy 5K together, and my clothes embraced all the colors! I came out a complete mess, but it was worth it because Shout® really had my back, ridding my clothes of all the messy fun I collected along the way. Partnering with Shout® was so natural, because I use it all the time. We have Shout® wipes on set at America’s Got Talent, and I always keep them with me for stains on-the-go.

WR: Since we are entering the heat of summer shortly, what would say are your top-3 tips for outdoor runners—or anyone spending summer outside—to stay cool?

MB: I try to spend a lot of time in the pool with my kids. It keeps us active and cool. Dressing for the summer by wearing sporty outfits with less layers also helps us beat the heat. Lastly, we always have ice cold drinks ready to stay hydrated and cool.

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WR: You have four kids—how do you manage the time to get a run or workout in while managing your family?

MB: I do a lot of running by myself on the treadmill at home and fit in dance and boot camp classes when I have time. I really try to get the whole family involved in being active by going on hikes or enjoying our pool during the summer.

WR: What race is next for you, and will we see you move up to a longer race in the future?

MB: It really depends on when my schedule allows for it. I do a lot of “5ks” on my treadmill, so I’m always ready for a run. I’m hoping to do at least a few more runs in the next few months.