Ways To Avoid Treadmill Boredom (And Maybe Even Enjoy It)

Our readers share their best tips for surviving treadmill workouts.


While we love to be able to run outside every day, there are times when a treadmill in unavoidable. This is especially true in the winter, when lack of light and inclement weather forces us to do our workouts inside. So we asked our readers how they keep motivated when they are forced to run on the ‘mill.

We asked our readers:
What are your tricks for avoiding boredom during treadmill runs?

Here’s what they had to say…

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Jeannie Treasurer Callanan: So I don’t get bored I switch up the incline and pace throughout my run. Music helps too.

Laura Atkeson Haupfear: Pandora on iPad. That way I can switch around music and look at lyrics! A good workout to go by also helps. Don’t just run— change it up grade and speed!!

Mandi Forrester: Watching women’s basketball and sprinting when they sprint.

Elizabeth Murphy Bell: I don’t like running outside, so I download podcasts and treadmill away.

Carolyn Coady: Intervals!!!

Helen Millett: I rarely run outdoors. Always on my treadmill. The room faces my back garden so i enjoy watching the birds, admiring the plants and even watching the wind blowing.. Maybe I should get out more.

Betty Diakos: I like to watch everyone working out in front of the treadmills.

Amy Sullivan: I keep my iPhone with me. I can watch videos on Netflix, listen to music or audio books. There are some running apps that are entertaining, such as Zombies, Run.

Mel Spiers: I hide the timer with my towel. Goes much faster when your not watching the clock.

Amber Anderson McGehee: I read a very good book on my kindle.

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@XercisingFoodie: I use trail apps on my phone. You can pretend you are running in the woods or on the beach.

@evieboco: Watch a feel-good movie or listen to workout music.

@stlgirlinlex: Race the person next to me or try to go longer than them.

@LoriFrohberg: Avoid boredom with kickin’ music! And, NCIS with Mark Harmon!!

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