Watch the New “Brittany Runs a Marathon” Movie Trailer

Jillian Bell stars in the film about a woman who is partial to partying New York, but transforms herself into a marathoner.

We all have first-hand experience in the ways in which running can change our lives for the better. We’re fitter, healthier, and often have a better-than-average quality of life. But we don’t have many opportunities to see this depicted on the big screen…until now. On Wednesday (which just so happened to be Global Running Day), Amazon Studios released a trailer for the upcoming comedy “Brittany Runs a Marathon,” which hits theaters on August 23.

Starring comedian and actress Jillian Bell, who plays Brittany, the film is about a woman who is “a hilarious, friendly, hot mess of a New Yorker who always knows how to have a good time.” That is, until her doctor tells her to lose 55 pounds, or “the weight of a Siberian husky,” Brittany says.

“You want me to pull a medium-sized working dog off of my body?” she says, in the trailer.

As Brittany laces up her shoes and gives running a shot, it looks like a relatable journey from couch to New York City Marathon, with all the difficulties, challenges, and sentimental moments along the way.

“You changing your life was never about your weight,” one person tells Brittany. “It was about you taking responsibility for yourself.”

Who’s springing for the popcorn? Because we are definitely here for Brittany and her marathon.