10 Uptempo Taylor Swift Jams For Running

Take a break from the "drama" around Taylor and enjoy a few of her top hits!

taylor swift

You probably don’t have to be sold on Taylor Swift’s musical virtues as her 10 Grammy Awards and 11 Country Music Association Awards speak volumes about her knacks on the pop and country fronts. Were that not enough, she’s all sold 130 million singles in the last twelve years. So, rather than re-hashing her musical merits, we’ll just skip her finest and fastest tracks for a run.

The list kicks off with one collaboration between Swift, Tim McGraw, and Keith Urban and winds down with another featuring Kendrick Lamar. In between, you’ll find her pop hits like “Shake It Off” and a remix of “Wildest Dreams.” Elsewhere, there are tunes that play up her country roots–like 2010’s Mine or the multi-platinum smash “You Belong with Me.” Regardless of which phase of Taylor’s career you like most, you’ll find plenty to move you–and a few brisk surprises–in the mix below.

Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift & Keith Urban – Highway Don’t Care – 79 BPM

Taylor Swift – Mine – 121 BPM

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off – 160 BPM

Taylor Swift – Wildest Dreams (R3HAB Remix) – 130 BPM

Taylor Swift – Superman – 132 BPM

Taylor Swift – You Belong with Me – 130 BPM

Taylor Swift – State of Grace – 130 BPM

Taylor Swift – New Romantics – 122 BPM

B.o.B. & Taylor Swift – Both of Us – 127 BPM

Taylor Swift & Kendrick Lamar – Bad Blood – 85 BPM

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