Under Armour Releases Meme Generator That Shares Your “I’m Pretty” Moment

Pretty strong. Pretty powerful. Pretty badass.

“I’m pretty…awesome.” “I feel prettiest…when I cross the finish line.”

As part of their continued efforts to empower women, Under Armour just released a cool meme generator that celebrates every runner’s #ImPretty moment. The message puts a twist on the clichéd and tired compliment “you’re so pretty” and challenges the idea of “just a pretty face.”

Yes, all women are pretty—pretty smart, pretty tough, pretty strong, pretty groundbreaking, pretty amazing. To share this powerful message, the shoe and apparel brand has created a meme generator that allows you to create your own “I’m Pretty _____” image to share on the ‘gram. Because everyone loves a good social media campaign!

UA is also selling a limited edition #ImPretty graphic tank, which is available on their website. What do you think of this campaign?