Ultrarunning’s Ultimate Fan

Salomon Running TV follows Bill Dooper, ultrarunning's biggest fan.

Ultrarunners funded Bill Dooper's first-ever trip to the Western States 100.

Salomon Running TV introduced ultra fan Bill Dooper in its season 4 opener released this morning. The heartfelt story of ultrarunning’s most dedicated spectator follows Dooper’s first-ever journey to the prestigious Western States 100, which he says “is the granddaddy of them all.” He’s never run an ultra himself, but he’s just as much immersed in the culture and spirit of the sport as any of its competitors—perhaps even more so than most. Dooper’s story kicks off a brand-new fourth season for the SalomonTrailRunning channel. “Salomon Running TV is about sharing our passion for the sport of trail running through meaningful stories, characters and adventures,” says Evin Catlett, the brand’s digital marketing manager. “It allows us to expose people to the sport that is at our core and encourage them to participate and fall in love with the freedom you get from being in the mountains.”  Check out the season 4 opener here: