20 Hilarious Tweets About The Olympics That Make You Say ‘Basically’

We will at least work out more until the Olympics are over.

Every two years, the best athletes in the world gather in one place to compete for Olympic glory, hoping to secure their place in history. From stories of athletes overcoming crippling injuries to underdogs taking home the gold medal, the Olympic Games have the ability to inspire us “regular people” to do great things with our lives.

But then again, sometimes we just like to talk about how inspired we are, instead of actually acting on that feeling. These 20 tweets about Olympic inspiration will make you say “yep, basically.”
8 Minute Abs

Look for Melissa in 2020.


Athleisure Laundry

It’s a start.


Run Backwards

I’d watch that.


Copyright Lawyer

Rule 40, anyone?
Darth Vader

The force is not strong enough, clearly. (Watch the full GIF on Twitter.)



That IS a dilemma, Ace.

A legitimate concern.
Fencing_Cat Olympics

It takes something special to comfortably sleep on a two-inch piece of wood.
First Week vs Second Week

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice cream sandwiches: 1. Frank’s willpower: 0.
Inspired and Lazy

It’s a harsh reality.
Kiss from Crush

Simone & Zac 4ever.
Macro Consumption

The word “macros” kind of looks like “nachos” if you squint.
Never Be an Olympian

“Running”… loosely defined.
Run to McDonald's

Let’s call it a wash.
Stand on Podium

Some days, we could all use some applause, TBH.
Synchronized Dive

Even canines can get the Olympic spirit.
Take Exercising Seriously

He’s on the two-week plan.
Their Time to Shine

So unselfish of you, Marli.
Thinking About Gym

It’s kind of the same thing, right?


How have the Olympics inspired you? Have you taken up a new sport after watching it in Rio, been motivated to improve on your own or do you just enjoy watching these amazing athletes at their craft? Tweet @WomensRunning!