True Story: There’s A Yoga Mat For Your Cat Now

The struggle is real when your feline friend sees you roll out your favorite mat.

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Just in case you unwind after a hard run with a yoga or stretching session next to your favorite feline, there’s a mat for that.

Feline Yogi just released their cat mats, which are basically yoga mats scaled down for your cat to stretch on, sleep on or do a little downward dog—or cat. So while you’re unwinding in your own sweat area, your feline friend can entertain itself without interfering with your zen post-run routines.

“Anyone who has ever rolled out a yoga mat knows how much cats seem to want to claim it as their own,” says Paige Hodges, Owner and Designer for Feline Yogi. “So this holiday season why not give them a cat sized mat of their own? Just roll it out and let the fun begin.”

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The Yoga Cat Mat ($25) is the perfect space for him or her to scratch or sharpen without making a mess, as well as an ideal place to lounge around while showing off their most sophisticated yoga poses (I know, right?). The material is the same as a regular mat, but these animal-friendly ones come with sisal rope with a catnip-filled ball at the end to entertain your kitty all day long. Two other object made partly from recycled mat material, the Thunderbolt and Starfish, are also available separately.

Since the holiday season is so closely upon us, this feels like a good time to invest in your pet as well as get some peace and quiet in your own stretches.