Trailer Released For Boston Marathon Documentary

Three-time Olympian Deena Kastor is executive producer on the first full-length film about the prestigious race.

As registered participants eagerly count down the days to the 100-days-out mark for the 2016 Boston Marathon, John Hancock and filmmaker John Dunham celebrate this year’s iconic race by releasing the two-minute moving trailer to “BOSTON.” John Hancock announced their partnership with LA Roma Films to be the title sponsor of the project, the first full-length film about the marathon.

The film, currently in production, is directed by award winning filmmaker Jon Dunham, well known for his “Spirit of the Marathon” films, and is produced by Academy Award nominee Megan Williams. “BOSTON” portrays the growth of the legendary race, including triumphs and tragedies, and features many of the greatest marathoners ever to have raced over the Hopkinton to Boston route.

BOSTON Film Trailer from Jon Dunham on Vimeo

“The Boston Marathon is the most prestigious race that every runner aspires to run,” said three-time Olympian Deena Kastor, an executive producer on the project. “For many, getting to the starting line is a victory in itself. For others, winning the event places them permanently among the world’s most accomplished runners. This race has such a rich history and the film looks to share that story to inspire and encourage all current and future runners and pay homage to all those who have shaped this glorious event.”