This Running Company Is Paying You To Run A PR

Wanna feel like an elite runner who runs for a living? Run a PR wearing Tracksmith gear.

track smith

It’s true—Tracksmith is offering bonus incentives to runners who strive for and hit a PR. The program is called the Personal Record Bonus, a first-of-its-kind brand program that rewards runners for achieving a personal record (PR). In celebration of the summer racing season, Tracksmith is challenging runners to chase their PR goals. Runners who set a PR between June 21 and Aug. 31 wearing Tracksmith gear are eligible for the $250 store credit bonus. Whoa!

“Professional runners are often rewarded for breaking records,” said Tracksmith founder and CEO, Matt Taylor. “And internally, we’ve long had a cash bonus for any employee who runs a PR. So with the PR Bonus we wanted to extend this tradition to the wider running community, challenging and rewarding those who are willing to chase personal excellence. Pursuing a PR takes dedication, grit and a lot of hard work. We think that is an effort and achievement worth incentivizing.”

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So what exactly counts? The runner’s PR in Tracksmith gear must be set in an organized race that is more than 800 meters, with published results between June 21 and Aug 31, 2016. In this case, first shots at new distances do not count as a PR; you must beat a previous time. Runners must submit evidence of their PR (race result links and an image of their race gear during or after the race) via the Tracksmith website.