What 4 Track Athletes Eat Before A Big Race

We asked some of USA's best hopefuls how they fuel pre-competition.

We asked some Team USA hopefuls how they fuel pre-competition.

SARA HALL—Olympic Trials competitor


If I have access to a burner, my husband makes me his signature Molten Lava Cocoa Te Pancakes. These pancakes are made with Muscle Milk for protein and teff flour, which is a gluten-free source of healthy carbohydrates. It’s also the iron-rich power food behind successful Ethiopian distance runners—they consume teff daily in their staple bread, injera.

EMMA COBURN—3,000-meter steeplechase

emma coburn

I always eat a banana with peanut butter and a bagel or toast. The good thing is that I can always find a banana no matter where we travel in the world, and I travel with individual-portioned peanut butter packets (from Justin’s), so it’s a pretty easy pre-race meal to put together.

AJEE WILSON—800 meters


I’m not very particular, but I do have a couple go-to snacks that I eat en route to a race: Kashi Honey Almond Flax Chewy Granola Bar and a handful of almonds.

KATIE MACKEY—Olympic Trials competitor

katie mackey1

Just eat whatever you are used to and settles well in your stomach! For me, that’s sushi and a banana.