Light-Hearted Tips To Help You #RunLikeAGirl

Being a woman runner comes with its own sets of challenges—and rewards.

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Expert: Sharon Roach
In the four short years since Roach first started running, she’s crossed 44 half marathon finish lines in 23 states. Hoping to reach her goal of completing 100 halfs by the age of 50, the 46-year-old credits running as her preferred method of relaxation. Well-versed in women’s-specific races, the resident of McKees Rocks, Penn., shares her tips to #runlikeagirl!

Stay Grateful

Never let running become just another item on the checklist. By keeping in mind the idea that running is a privilege, you’ll empower yourself with every step. Be stronger than your excuses!

Be Kind to Yourself

As women, we sometimes have the tendency to be our own worst critics. Avoid comparing yourself to others by remembering you are forming your own story. Running doesn’t care about your age, your body type, your goal or your pace—so hold your head high and be proud of your accomplishments along the way!

Flower Power

I’m proud to be a member of the Fellow Flowers Crew. Founded to bring together a community of women runners, Fellow Flowers is an online forum that unites women through their running stories. Learn more about the group and its signature orange flower at


I like to wear a flower in my hair and a Momentum wrap on my arm for every race. When I reach a mental block and find myself wanting to stop, I can touch the flower or look down at my arm to remind myself there are thousands of women out there to support me. While I may run alone, I’m never truly solo as my sole sisters are right there with me in spirit.