Tips On Building Your Perfect Playlist

We all love playlists, but is there actually a theory behind how to put one together?

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Let the beat of music fuel your runs. Music is a very powerful tool to your running performance. The rhythm of the tunes can help you pick up your pace without you even knowing it.

“When the song’s beat matches your footfalls, it helps listeners stay on pace and makes the experience more enjoyable,” says Lexi Bellassai, Vice President of FitRadio.

Whatever your favorite genre of music is, the key to building the perfect playlist isn’t to pick your favorite songs. The trick is to keep the tunes a surprise and have the beats per minute (BPM) match your steps per minute (SPM). “When you run in the same place every day to the same music, life gets boring. You need something that constantly surprises you,” says Belassai, who provides tips on getting that perfect list of songs together.

First, determine the distance you’ll be running: 5K, 10K, half or full. This will help guide you in how much time you’ll need on your playlist.

Next, determine what knd of BPM are you looking for. Are you looking for something to pick up your pace the whole run? A 5K doesn’t take too long, so you can select high-paced songs to push you quickly. If you’re running a marathon, you need something that will maintain your pace. BPM songs that are in the 120 to 140 range can keep you moving at a good pace and get you to the finish line strong.

You can download the app, BPM, which tells you the BPM of the song. This can be a long process to build your own list, but you can pick your songs that move you through the miles.

If you rather get a playlist from a specialized app, like FitRadio, you don’t have to deal with using hours creating your list. Instead the list is automated already to match your pace once you begin running.

“With our new Auto Pace Matching Detection feature, users can begin running and the app will play a mix that matches the user’s pace perfectly. It’s addicting. Once you’ve run to music that matches your footfalls, you’ll never be able to go back,” shares Bellassai. Through research and the help of skilled DJs, their playlists are full of entertainment, energy and good songs that will help you run farther, faster and longer.

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