This Is Why It’s Time To Stop Waiting For “Tomorrow” To Come

Why do tomorrow what you can do today?

One of the easiest words to say? Tomorrow.

How many times have you used that word in relation to something you are going to do? I’ll start eating healthier tomorrow. Tomorrow will be better. Oh, that can wait until tomorrow.

I am totally guilty of this. I have been the Queen of Tomorrow. But here’s the thing: It’s time to stop waiting for tomorrow. That sounds super morbid, I know, and I don’t mean it in a “tomorrow may never come way” (though, it is true). I mean it in a “why do tomorrow what you can do today” way.

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When it comes to going for your goals, start today. Start eating healthy at your next meal or snack—not tomorrow. Find one thing you can do to make today better, even if it is just having a scoop of your favorite ice cream or texting a funny GIF to a friend. Find the one task on your to-do list that you know you are putting off and just tackle it.

Change isn’t easy. We all wish that we could just wave a magic wand and meet whatever goal that we are trying to reach. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way (despite what the movies would have you believe). Change involves taking one small step after one small step until you look back and you’ve walked (or run or leapt or crawled) a really long way. Skipping steps keeps you in the same place for awhile. What would happen if you were running a marathon and you just stopped and thought, Oh, I’ll just finish the rest tomorrow? 

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So, what’s that goal you want to reach? That dream you have? Are you planning on starting tomorrow? Start now. Take the time to write down (or think of) one small thing you can do today that can get you started—or help you pick back up—on your journey. Take charge of your life—today.