Literally The String Of Thoughts We Have At The Starting Line

Ready…set…let the crazies begin!

In the car

Oh, sh**, did I train enough?!

Accidentally walking by the top corrals

These people look like pros. Can I keep up?

Still walking by the top corrals

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out….

Walking by the other corrals

Why did I sign up for this race again? What was I thinking?!

Walking by the porta-potties

Okay, go to the bathroom, warm up, go to the bathroom, stretch, go to the bathroom, stretch…

In line at the porta-potties

Did I eat enough this morning? I think I’m hungry again.

In the porta-potties

What the heck!

After the porta-potties

Hmmm, extra bananas and bagels…maybe I’ll scarf one down…

After getting more carbs

Gosh, I love running—gives me chills every time!

Walking to your corral

This race is going to be great; I am so happy I signed up!

Twisting awkwardly to look at your arm band

Is my music working?! Check. GPS watch?! Check.

Seeing there’s 5 minutes until race time

Do I have time to go to the bathroom?

Spotting the water table

Water, water, water! Wait, don’t drink too much—don’t want to get a cramp.

Stretching in place

I hope this underwear doesn’t give me a wedgie…

Stretching lower in place

Shoe check—gotta make sure the laces don’t come untied mid-race!

1 minute to the gun

Alright, time to get pumped—LET’S DO THIS!

45 seconds to the gun

I feel a PR today.

10 seconds to the gun

Remember, start off easy…you got this.

3 seconds to the gun

Uh-oh, here we go! Yikes…what if something goes wrong?!


Too late now, woo-hoo! *Starts GPS watch*

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