This Runner Completed 26.2 Miles Tied To Two Friends

Find out how Becky Andrews accomplished this amazing feat.

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becky july 2015

Becky Andrews
Age: 50
Bountiful, UT
Visually Impaired Runner

Listening to all of the chatter on the bus as we shuttled to the start line of the Top of Utah Marathon, my excitement and nerves began to really grow. As the ride took us further into the canyon, I thought about having to cover the distance by foot to get to the finish.

When the race started, Brenda, Suzette and I focused on navigating around people. Having my vest that indicates I’m a blind runner and a tether strap were key to preparing for a safe race.

We ran through the canyon and into the area where I grew up. My friends told me about the scenery on the course, and I recalled memories I’d made in the familiar territory.

The first 20 miles went by without a hitch and I felt so strong, until we hit the dreaded “wall.” We finished the race and though exhausted, I knew immediately I wanted to run a marathon again.

Sharing the experience with my friends made the accomplishment so sweet. As a blind runner who wouldn’t be able to run without a guide, they gave me one of my most cherished gifts—the ability to run. And that is truly amazing.

Breaking down a goal into small segments makes it more manageable. There are no guarantees on race day, but you can choose how you respond by focus-ing on the end goal and savoring moments along the way.